Easter Chibi Drawing

Happy Easter! Enjoy the spring weather and learn how to draw your very own chibi figures!

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Free IMPACT Book Giveaway on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account? Do you plan on getting one? Well maybe you should because… If you check us out @IMPACTbooks, you just might win a FREE book from our fantasy, sci-fi, comic or manga lines! All you have to do if follow us to be entered into a FREE, no-strings attached, drawing for one of our...

Art Tutorials

Manga Monday: How to Layer Colors

Making your characters and your art pop is definitely an important skill to learn. Layering your colors will help characters seem more alive and add dimension. Check out this step-by-step demo from Supittha “Annie” Bunyapen on how to layer colors with a Mad Hatter character. DEMONSTRATION: Layering Colors Step One: Paint the Basecoat Coat each area evenly with your first layer. Paint the hat,...


Manga Monday: Hunter X Hunter

I love hand drawn animation. It’s definitely an art form that takes a lot of work though. A few seconds of animation takes multiple drawings to create. It’s a whole different world from live-action and cg animation! Recently¬†Takahiko Abiru, one of the animators for Hunter X Hunter, posted some of the art that he’s posted for the anime. The...

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

The Average Life of a Stormtrooper

Artist Zahir Batin sure knows how to pack a big punch with nothing more than a few miniature figurines and his mad photography skills – but that’s more than enough. Zahir’s latest epic translation of the Star Wars universe leaves nothing to be desired as each series of images overflows with sincere, somewhat poetic and oftentimes hilarious renditions of...

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Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art

IMPACT’s new book Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art by Fip Buchanan gives readers an inside track into the world of tattoo art. With step-by-step accounts of how Buchanan goes about creating tattoo art – from the initial client consultation, to the initial sketch, learning to deal with design problems, finding the perfect composition and layout and, ultimately, the revealing...