The Birth of the Lightsaber

The lightsaber is not only an iconic part of the Star Wars series, it has become an iconic part of all of science fiction! Check out this featurette all about the lightsaber.

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Incorporating Emoji Into Famous Artwork

Emoji is gaining new ground as its widespread popularity begins to surface in classic pieces of art like those found in artist Nastya Ptichek’s newest project Emoji-Nation. Without having to speak a word, a single smiley face or lack thereof speaks volumes to Ptichek’s audience as new meaning is brought to life in these old paintings. Check out some...

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Manga Monday: How to Layer Colors

Making your characters and your art pop is definitely an important skill to learn. Layering your colors will help characters seem more alive and add dimension. Check out this step-by-step demo from Supittha “Annie” Bunyapen on how to layer colors with a Mad Hatter character. DEMONSTRATION: Layering Colors Step One: Paint the Basecoat Coat each area evenly with your first layer. Paint the hat,...


Manga Monday: Lupin III

Lupin III, or Lupin the Third, is a series that has been around for a while. It’s had a lot of different versons, from multiple manga to different anime and feature length films. You could say it’s popular. Turns out that we’re not just getting one new version of Lupin III, we’re getting two! A new anime spinoff, Lupin the...

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Amazing Crayon Sculptures

I’ve seen a lot of creative mediums used to sculpt, but artist Hoang Tran takes it to another level. He creates unbelievable crayon sculptures. That’s right, crayon sculptures. Crayons aren’t just for drawing and coloring anymore! The amount of detail that he can put into these tiny little sculptures just blows my mind. Crayons aren’t very big! He just sculpts...

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Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art

IMPACT’s new book Drawing & Designing Tattoo Art by Fip Buchanan gives readers an inside track into the world of tattoo art. With step-by-step accounts of how Buchanan goes about creating tattoo art – from the initial client consultation, to the initial sketch, learning to deal with design problems, finding the perfect composition and layout and, ultimately, the revealing...