Anime Artist Creates Original Characters Using Sons’ Drawings

French anime artist Thomas Romain is known for his work on Symphogear, Code Lyoko, Basquash!, Space Dandy and more. Finding inspiration can be a challenge at times, but thanks to his sons, Thomas has a seemingly endless supply of unique characters.

Kids often think of things that adults don’t. They don’t worry about the logic of what they’re creating, they just do it! Anime artist Thomas Romain has taken the ideas and sketches from his two boys and turned them into amazing full illustrations.

From Sketches to Full Characters, a Collaborative Effort

As Thomas calls it, the Father and Sons’ Design Workshop is now an ongoing regular series with his sons. You can see their work on his Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You can also support the father son project on Patreon.

It’s amazing to see the wild imagination of a child combined with the artistic skill of a pro. The characters are unique and really come to life in the illustrations by Thomas.

Listen to Thomas talk about the project and go over his tools in this behind-the-scenes YouTube video:

You can also see time lapse videos of quite a few of the collaborative designs on his YouTube channel. Check this one out then scroll down for more of the amazing art Thomas and his sons have created!



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It’s fun to see the rough sketches transform into full characters and scenes. An anime artist can definitely find inspiration in anything around them, and a kid’s imagination is the perfect source! Do you have any old drawings from when you were a kid that you can transform into new characters? Time to drag out that old box of drawings from the attic.

Bring Your Characters to Life

Need help drawing your own monsters and characters? Check out Monster Factory by Ernie Harker, How to Draw Video Games by Steve Harpster and Manga Crash Course Fantasy by Mina Mistiqarts Petrovic for all kinds of step-by-step tutorials and monster fun.



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