Anime Artist Creates Original Characters Using Son’s Drawings

Anime artist Thomas Romain finds inspiration for creating new characters through his son’s drawings. Kids often think of things that adults don’t. I’ve seen other artists who have created fully rendered illustrations or created plush toys inspired by the doodles from kids. Kids don’t worry about the logic of what they’re creating, they just do it! Anime artist Thomas Romain takes the ideas and sketches from his two boys and turns them into full character illustrations.

Anime artist cosmic robot sketch Anime artist cosmic robot final

Steampunk doctor sketch Steampunk doctor final 

Dragonkeeper sketch Dragonkeeper final

Jellyfish king sketch Jellyfish king final

It’s fun to see the rough sketches and ideas get fleshed out into full characters. An anime artist can find inspiration in anything around them and a kid’s imagination is definitely a great source for that! Make sure to check out Thomas’ Twitter feed for more of the father/son collaborations as well as his other art.


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