Coco, the New Pixar Movie Finally Has a Trailer

Disney’s Pixar always makes beautiful films. We’ve been hearing about their latest, Coco, for a while. Now at long last they have released the first trailer! The film follows the main character Miguel who is obsessed with music and in particular idolizes Ernesto de la Cruz, an accomplished musician. The trailer seems to imply that Ernesto was possibly Miguel’s relation. We’re guessing that Miguel gets to meet him in the Land of the Dead and the story will unfold from there.


I’m very curious to see how their Land of the Dead compares to the version in The Book of Life from del Toro, which I thought was a beautifully rendered film. Some fans are up in arms with Pixar doing a very similar take on the Latino history. Disney and Pixar seemed to be aware of some of the potential controversy; they actually hired one of their biggest critics, cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz. With Alcaraz on board, hopefully that kept Disney and Pixar in check for maintaining the integrity of the story they’re telling in Coco. The film looks beautiful and definitely has potential, but Disney has certainly twisted stories in the past to show the story they want to tell, regardless of the source material.


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