Female Heroes Taking Over | DC Superhero Girls Going to Cartoon Network!

The DC Superhero Girls series has been a fun new way for girls to enjoy the DC comics characters. First we had some awesome toys. There were some cute shorts. Now the DC Superhero Girls series is getting a full show on Cartoon Network!

The new series will be on Cartoon Network in 2018. The series is pulling in some epic talent. The new DC girls series will be written by Emmy Award–winning producer Lauren Faust! She’s the woman responsible for the super popular My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicThat show is fun and cute but also has done a great job exploring larger themes. Hopefully the full DC Superhero Girls cartoon will do the same and give us more great female driven stories.

Girl Power and Representation

Much like we’re seeing with the huge impact that the Wonder Woman film has had (have you seen the story about the kindergartners after seeing the movie? It makes my heart feel so warm and fuzzy.), female representation matters. As kids we look for role models and want to emulate what we see. Whether it’s family and friends or the characters we see on TV, in movies and read about in books, we imitate them.

There have been tons of strong male superheroes. Most of the Justice League is male! Wonder Woman is the lone member for a while until we get a few others like Hawkgirl and Zatanna. The toy aisles in stores for boys are full of action figures of their favorite characters. Girls are often lucky if there is one action figure of a female character, nevermind three different variations of the same character.

Thankfully things seem to be changing. The solo Wonder Woman film has already earned $600 million worldwide and that doesn’t seem to be stopping. Female writers and producers like Rebecca Sugar with Steven Universe and Lauren Faust with My Little Pony are getting more attention. The DC Superhero Girls series brings a lot of strong female characters front and center for girls to see. Even though I’m not the target audience for this cartoon, I can’t wait to sit down and watch these awesome superheroes run around having adventures.

Catch Up on DC Superhero Girls!

If you haven’t seen any of DC Superhero Girls yet, don’t worry! You can still watch the current seasons of shorts for the series on YouTube:



You can also check out an exclusive interview with the writer of the DC Superhero Girls series, Shea Fontana:


Building a Franchise

DC Superhero Girls is clearly a growing brand and is already creating many branches for itself. There are the animated shorts, the new cartoon series, games, books, action figures and more. It’s great seeing the positive reception that the show has received and the expanded branding so that girls of all ages can enjoy their favorite superheroes with all kinds of products.

I love the costume redesigns for this series too. If they don’t already sell the costume pieces for girls to wear, they should! These are perfect Halloween costumes. Or even just fun costumes to wear for playing around in!

DC Superhero Girls cast DC Superhero Girls dolls

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