Release Date for Destiny 2 Confirmed

First there was Destiny. Soon there will be Destiny 2.

When it was released, the Destiny video game received mixed to positive reviews with criticism centered mostly around the game’s storyline and post-campaign content. The game was praised for its competitive experiences. On day one the game sold over $500 million at retail, making it the biggest new franchise launch of all time.

Destiny | video game | first person shooter | MMO

Destiny 2: Consistent Threads and New Updates

Back at E3 this year, video game studios released new trailers, gameplay footage and release dates. Destiny 2 was one of those games. Like the first game, the sequel will be an online multiplayer first person shooter. Gameplay will be similar to the original.

Players are mostly exploring on their own, but the original game included matchmaking. The matchmaking let players choose another to match and communicate with for the game. This was a different method of communication than the World of Warcraft MMO for example, which allows any player to communicate to another at any time. Destiny 2 will change this communication a bit with “guided games” that let players search for clans they can join for strikes or raids.

The game will keep the same three character classes of the original: Hunters, Warlocks and Titans. Each class will still have specific upgrades, perks and abilities as well as customizable options to make the character more attuned to each player.

This time around Bungie is putting more focus on story. One of the biggest complaints about the first game was the lackluster story. Those fancy visuals weren’t enough. This time Bungie wants Destiny 2 to offer “a story you can relate to,” with characters you will care about. That improved plot and character development will combine with the visuals for a cinematic story experience. 


Destiny 2 | video game | sci-fi | fantasy | MMO | first person shooter

Destiny 2 releases on September 8th for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will be released for the PC on October 24.

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