Doctor Who Series 10 and Series 1 of Class Premiere!

At last it’s time! I can finally get my BBC fix not only with Doctor Who Series 10 but also with the premiere of the first season of the Doctor Who spinoff, Class. Both shows will premiere this Saturday, April 15th on BBC America.

Let’s start with my favorite, Doctor Who. The show is a classic that’s been on for ages. Though Series 10 of Doctor Who is Peter Capaldi’s last, he gets a brand new companion to run around with. It should be fun to see him take Bill through space and time. 


Check out the full-length trailer for Doctor Who Series 10:

The interesting (and super quick) glimpse at 0:28 shows what looks like the regeneration energy coming off the Doctor’s hand. While we know that Peter Capaldi is leaving the show, will he be leaving sooner than expected? The past few times the Doctor has regenerated in the Christmas special. They could be trying to switch it up and surprise us with an earlier regeneration.

Check out this introduction video about Doctor Who Series 10’s first episode with Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie:

It’s been announced that Pearl Mackie’s companion character, Bill, will be the first companion (if you don’t count the fabulous Jack Harkness) who will be openly gay. It’s great to see a woman of color in the companion role and the dynamic between the Doctor and companion will be different with someone who isn’t interested in him romantically. Maybe Bill and the Doctor will have a friendship more like Donna and the Doctor did.

The other interesting tidbit we’ve learned in the lead up to the new series of Doctor Who is that John Simm will be returning again as the Master. Missy (played by Michelle Gomez) will be in this series as well, so it sounds like we’ll get double the Master! I hope those two get a scene together. It’ll be pure insanity.


Doctor Who’s episode titles this season are:
1 – The Pilot
2 – Smile
3 – Thin Ice
4 – Knock Knock
5 – Oxygen
6 – Extremis
7 – The Pyramid at the End of the World
8 – The Lie of the Land
9 – The Empress of Mars
10 – The Eaters of Light
11 – World Enough Time
12 – The Doctor Falls

The final episode being called “The Doctor Falls” is certainly ominous. Maybe Capaldi’s appearance in the Christmas special will just be flashbacks and we’ll get a new Doctor earlier than expected?

Class is a spinoff of Doctor Who centering around the school Coal Hill, which showed up again with Clara teaching there but originated in the original season of the show in the very first Doctor Who episode, An Unearthly Child. Series 1 of this spinoff also premieres on BBC America this weekend.

I’m excited to see a new cast of characters fighting monsters and dealing with the things that are left in the Doctor’s wake. It would’ve been great to have a spinoff series of the Paternoster Gang but hopefully this bunch of characters are just as fun and interesting. If nothing else, the trailer makes it seem like a more intense and possibly more adult show, which could be a cool change of pace.

BBC Class


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