Grab the Exclusive Dragon Drawing Collection While You Can!

We’ve been celebrating Smaugust all month long. You can still participate in the dragon drawing challenge! Download the prompt list, grab a pencil and start drawing the epic fantasy creatures. You can make dragons all year round.

The Dragon Drawing Instruction You Need

The Dragon Drawing Collection is an exclusive bundle we put together for our fans. You can get three amazing dragon books! In the bundle you’ll get a copy of Dracopedia, Dracopedia: The Great Dragons and DragonArt. These books will cover everything you need for dragon instruction and inspiration.

With this bundle, you get 448 pages of amazing full-color art that will whisk you away to a fantasy world inhabited by the scaled creatures of old, both big and small.

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Long Live the Dragon

Dragons are one of the most beloved and long-lived fantasy creatures. You can go back in history and see dragons referenced in mythology. Perseus fights against a sea dragon sent from Poseidon. Queen Cassiopeia boasted that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids, which angered Poseidon. This Corinthian vase displays an ancient dragon drawing, illustrating Perseus fighting it off and protecting Andromeda.


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Ancient Corinthian vase depicting Perseus, Andromeda and the sea dragon Ketos.

When explorers were adventuring around the world, they feared coming upon dragons. These stories kept many people from exploring the furthest edges of the world. Maps even marked where these supposed dragons lived. The unexplored edges would almost always say “Here Be Dragons.”

dragon drawing | fantasy map | cartography | sea dragon

These fantastic creatures have lasted throughout history and through many different cultures. The western dragon is usually four-legged and has large wings. The Asian dragon is often long and fluid in its movement. Which version of a dragon is your favorite? Comment below!


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