Get Ready for San Diego Comic Con 2015!

It’s that time of year again. San Diego Comic Con 2015 is here at last! Exclusives, panels, tons of exciting comic book and pop culture stuff will be happening at San Diego Comic Con 2015! I’m sure you’ll be keeping up with all the news just like me, but here’s a rundown of some of the big things I’m excited for.

Wednesday night there will be screenings for quite a few of the fall pilots, so if you’re at the convention make sure to head over to Ballroom 20 for sneak peeks at upcoming shows.

Doctor Who – Thursday 2:15pm in Hall H.
Peter Capaldi will be making his first appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2015! Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and of course Steven Moffat will be joining him for the panel. Being a big Whovian, I’m definitely excited for series 9.

Sherlock – Thursday 3:45pm in Ballroom 20
Sherlock fans will do almost anything for news of the next season. So I’m sure this panel will be full of fans. Hopefully we’ll get more news and a release date for the next season or at least the special they filmed.

Game of Thrones – Panel and Q&A session, Friday 2:30pm in Hall H
Game of Thrones had quite a season. Hear all about season 5 from the actors during this panel.

Marvel TV – Marvel Television Presents panel, Friday 3pm in Ballroom 20.
Between Agents of SHIELD and more Agent Carter, there’s definitely plenty to talk about. Things on Agents of SHIELD finally feel like they’re ramping up and getting ready for some interesting jumps in the story with the new team of people with powers. The first season of Agent Carter was excellent and I’m definitely ready for the next one. I’m loving the new poster they released and can’t wait to see Peggy back in action.

Star Wars – Lucasfilm and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Friday 5:30pm Hall H.
Hall H always gets the big panels and undoubtedly this Star Wars panel will be massive. The trailer on YouTube has broken records, that’s how many times people have watched it. The panel will include actors from the film and possibly a sneak peek at some new footage. I’m definitely expecting this to be one of the biggest panels of the con.

Orphan Black – BBC America official panel, Friday 5:45pm in Room 6BCF
I finally hopped on the Orphan Black train and man I’m glad I did. This show is incredible. Such great writing, wonderful characters and of course Tatiana is an insanely good actress. How has she not won all the awards yet?? I’m definitely excited for this panel and hearing even just the slightest tidbit about what’s coming up in season 4.

DC – Warner Bros. Presentation, Saturday 10:30am in Hall H.
Batman v. Superman is definitely a big deal and I’m sure this panel will be packed. Warner Bros. has been ramping up the marketing for this with the costumes touring the country and the recent Entertainment Weekly cover. It’ll be interesting to see what other news they release at the panel.

20th Century Fox panel, Saturday 5:45pm in Hall H.
We’ll get a look at the upcoming films from 20th Century, most likely X-Men Apocalypse will be center stage for this panel.

There are tons of other panels and exciting things. I’d be running around like a crazy person trying to see everything! Make sure to check the program schedule on SDCC’s website to plan for what you want to see.

If you want to get out of the convention center there are plenty of off-site events too:

Nerd HQ — The New Children’s Museum, 200 West Island Avenue
Every year Zachary Levi puts together this awesome event. Video games, food, drink, celebrities and more. It’s definitely worth it to step out of the convention center!

Game of Thrones: Experience the Realm — Omni Hotel
Open from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PT, Thursday, July 9th through Saturday, July 11th and 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PT on Sunday, July 12

There are also a ton of exclusives that you can snag while at San Diego Comic Con 2015 so make sure to mark down the ones you want. Check out the unofficial SDCC blog for all the exclusives. There’s a lot of good stuff this year!

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Are you at San Diego Comic Con 2015? Share your photos with us on our Facebook and Twitter. We love to see our fellow nerds having fun.

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