Need Help With Halloween? Try These Last Minute Costumes!

Halloween is right around the corner! If you’re stressing out about creating last minute costumes, we can help. Face painting is an easy way to have a quick and fun costume.

Our free eBook about face painting will help you create all the last minute costumes you need. You can download it today and create fun characters for you and your kids! We’ve also included inspiration and tutorial videos below.

Time to grab those paints and create!

How to Be a Werewolf

A werewolf is a classic Halloween creature. When the moon is full, the transformation takes place. Bones crack and stretch. Fur grows. Teeth lengthen. The irresistible urge to howl is upon you! Follow along with the video below to create this character.

How to be a Vampire

Another classic character for Halloween is the creature of the night, the vampire! What better vampire than the old school Dracula look? You can wear an old suit or just all black, combine with a long flowing cloak, face paint and a little fake blood and you’ll be good to go.


How to Be a Zombie

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, it seems like zombies are never going away. Whether your zombie shuffles slowly or quickly attacks, you’ll have the perfect brain-craving look by following the tutorial below.

How to Create a Skull

For a lot of people Halloween is a perfect time to be creepy. Painting your face to look like a skull is the perfect creepy but easy costume.

You can find these tutorials and more exciting creatures and characters in Extreme Face Painting by Nick and Brian Wolfe. Grab your copy today!

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