How to Create Character Details, Inspired by Wonder Woman

Creating character details is really important when developing your own character. Specific details will inform your readers about that character with just a glance and make them recognizable. Costume elements can play into the story you write as well. 

With the new Wonder Woman movie out, I’ve been diving deep into her history and felt inspired to try creating a new version of her character details, pulling instruction from our new IMPACT book Learn to Draw Action Heroes by Robert Marzullo. I dove into the history of this amazing female character so I could learn all I could about her iconic costume elements and her fascinating story. Listen to the video below to hear more about Wonder Woman’s history and for instruction on how to create character details for a new Wonder Woman design.


Click on the blank pose below to download the image. Use it to draw your own Wonder Woman design then comment on our Facebook page or use hashtag #IMPACTWW on FB or Instagram (tagging us @impactbooks will also help us see it) to enter for your chance to win an early copy of Learn to Draw Action Heroes before it hits shelves! Enter by June 30th then we’ll pick three winners after that!

Designing character details - inspired by Wonder Woman Designing character details - inspired by Wonder WomanDesigning character details - inspired by Wonder Woman  Designing character details - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s design has changed a lot over the years but she’s maintained the signature pieces her creator gave her. A Wonder Woman without a tiara, bracers and a magic lasso just isn’t the Wonder Woman we all know and love. When you’re thinking about creating your character think about what they stand for and what symbols you might want to represent them. Readers should be able to recognize your character with just a glance.

Creating character details | Learn to Draw Action Heroes

You can pre-order Learn to Draw Action Heroes now on Amazon or the North Light Shop. Then look for it soon to be on shelves wherever books are sold!

Learn to Draw Action Heroes | North Light Shop

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