Legend of Zelda Escape Room Game Touring

Escape rooms are a pretty popular game right now. I’ve seen all kinds of themes for them. Some are horror, some apocalyptic, some have magic, some are just a straight adventure game. Naturally a Legend of Zelda escape room is the perfect theme. Nintendo has partnered with Real Escape Games and will be taking a Legend of Zelda escape room game on tour this year. I’m definitely thinking about driving up to Chicago to try this out. It sounds like it would be a blast. Anyone think they’ll have a little Navi voice to give you hints? Hopefully they’ll have fun easter eggs for Legend of Zelda fans. The real-life Legend of Zelda escape room is called Defenders of the Triforce, an appropriate title for such a heroic adventure.

You can find out more information about the Zelda escape room and the cities where it will be held by going to the homepage of the game group putting on this fun challenge. When you buy your ticket you have the option to get a special poster or even a commemorative coin. Sounds like after you make it through the escape room you’ll get to enjoy more Zelda fun with a gaming area. Sounds like the perfect fun nerdy way to spend a day!

Legend of Zelda escape room poster


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