Miyazaki Films Returning to Theaters for Studio Ghibli Fest

Studio Ghibli Fest will be a thing this summer! Now this is a summer event that I can get behind. I adore the Studio Ghibli movies. The animation is beautiful, the stories are quirky and the music is enchanting. The film series is put on by GKIDS and Fathom Events. You can find tickets online. There’s even a package ticket deal for all six films available.

Studio Ghibli Fest Films

Studio Ghibli Fest will feature six of the animated films starting June 25-26 with My Neighbor Totoro. Next up will be Kiki’s Delivery Service on July 23-24, Castle in the Sky on August 27-28, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind on September 24-25, Spirited Away on October 29-30 and Howl’s Moving Castle will end the film series on November 26-27. 

I love that Studio Ghibli Fest is not only celebrating the films and allowing fans like me to see these gorgeous movies on the big screen again (or for the first time), but that it also gives the chance for new fans to experience them. I know I’ll be sorely tempted to go see each movie every month, and I’ll probably drag some friends along with me.

Haven’t seen any Studio Ghibli movies? Now’s your chance! Check out the trailers of the films to decide which one you might want to see during the Studio Ghibli Fest.







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