Nightmare Before Christmas Getting Sequel in New Manga

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas film has become a beloved holiday film. It’s perfectly appropriate for Halloween and Christmas! The film has inspired tons of merchandise and even a themed Holiday Mansion attraction at Disneyland. Burton was very careful to not sign off on a sequel to the film before now.

Nightmare Before Christmas: A Cult Classic

Tim Burton was fascinated with by holidays. In 1982 he wrote a three-page poem titled The Nightmare Before Christmas, drawing inspiration from holiday television specials such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

It took quite a few years but at last the creepy and wonderful stop-motion film we know today was made. The film grossed over $76 million during its initial run. Though it was a bit of a departure from Disney’s usual, the film has become a cult classic.

It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, which was a first for an animated film. The film was also re-released by Disney in 3D, making it the first stop-motion feature to be converted to 3D.


Halloweentown and the characters that inhabit it, was a smash. You can find Jack Skellington merchandise or cosplayers all over. Jack and Halloweentown were even in the Kingdom Hearts series.

The original story did get a manga adaptation thanks to Tokyopop. The main plot of the film was illustrated for a full manga edition. Now Burton has allowed Tokyopop to continue the story.

Nightmare Before Christmas | Jack Skellington | manga | Christmas Town Nightmare Before Christmas | Jack Skellington | Tokyopop | Nightmare Before Christmas manga

A Manga Sequel

The new manga sequel from Tokyopop will be called Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey. It shows us more adventures of Jack Skellington’s loyal dog, Zero, when he gets lost in Christmas Town. The story is being written by DJ Milky with art by Studio DICE.

Nightmare Before Christmas | Zero | Nightmare Before Christmas manga sequel

It’ll be a little bit longer before we get the first chunk of story. The adventure will begin in Spring 2018. If you can’t bear to wait, Tokyopop has also taken on other Disney titles such as Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast.

Since Burton held off on a sequel for so long, hopefully this new story does add something to his universe. With Disney tapping back into old properties for other adaptations, will we see Jack Skellington come to the screen in a new way? The film would be a tough one to translate to live-action film, but Disney is taking on the challenge of The Lion King adaptation, so perhaps it’s possible.


Want to draw your own creepy characters? You can find manga and character instruction in Manga Monster Madness by David Okum and Manga Magic by Supittha “Annie” Bunyapen.


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