One Punch Man Anime Added to Netflix

The popular anime One Punch Man has been added to Netflix at last! Though many fans I’m sure have seen it, some others who have been curious about the show may not have seen it yet. The first season is available on Netflix now. One Punch Man is definitely a quirky anime so it may not be for everyone. The story follows Saitama who has trained so hard and become so strong that he can defeat monsters with just one punch. Since there isn’t any challenge in the fights anymore, Saitama has grown bored and views being a superhero as just a hobby. He continues to fight but wishes to have a worthy opponent.

I love how blase he’s become with the fighting. Like he says in the trailer, “having overwhelming strength is pretty boring actually.” He’s definitely a different take on the typical hero, which could be why the show has become so popular. I think people can relate to the character’s attitude. 

One Punch Man Poster

The second season of the anime should hopefully be coming this year since it’s in production right now, but no official release date has been announced. We’ll keep you posted when we find out!

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