Q&A With the Editor of Monster Factory

Monster FactoryHow did the title of the book come about?
When we first started discussing the possibility of creating a monster book with Ernie, our publisher suggested the title Monster Factory. We don’t always stick with an original title idea, but we liked this one so well, we didn’t seriously consider changing it. We did, however, tweak the subtitle to clarify the subject matter and make it easier for our readers to look it up online.

monster factory
What was your favorite project in the book?
Ooh, that’s difficult, so I’ll cheat and pick three. I think the Crickie, Hoppy Slug and Bull-Ony characters are particularly cute.

monster factory
What was your goal for the book?
We wanted to create a bunch of cute, fun characters that readers could easily draw. We also show readers how to draw a variety of monster body parts that they can mix and match to create their own monsters.

monster factory
What was it like to work with the author?
Ernie is super friendly and nice (just like his cute and crazy monsters!), so he was great fun to work with.

monster factory
Do you have any stories from behind the scenes?
Not really. This book came together really smoothly, which is just the way I like it!

How long did it take to get the book put together?
We usually schedule 18-24 months to create a new book, start to finish. I typically get a couple of months to edit and layout the book, but I think I finished Monster Factory in just a few weeks. The demos all have the same basic structure, which made layout a breeze.

Making Faces
What made you decide on the design of the book?
We wanted to tie Monster Factory in with Ernie’s first book Making Faces, so we picked up some of the design elements from the first book and added some unique twists.

monster factory
What did you hope the book would convey to readers?
That everyone can create their own cute and crazy cartoon monsters!

monster factory monster factory
Have you tried any of the art demonstrations? If so, what was it like?
I haven’t on paper, but I’ve certainly thought through them a number of times. Ernie and his contributing artists, Scott Jarrard and Ken Chandler, do a great job creating simple steps that are easy to follow.

Did you run into any challenges when making this book?
Not particularly. It came together very easily!

monster factory
Was this art form new to you? If so, what did you like learning about it?
I’ve worked on fantasy and manga books before, but I think this might have been my first basic cartooning book. I like how simple and achievable the demos are.

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