Artist Creates Realistic Celebrity Portraits with Negative Drawing

British artist Liam York has a very interesting twist on creating celebrity portraits. His amazing pencil illustrations are drawn in the negative. Then when they are inverted, the image is a perfect illustration of the subject. Liam is a self-taught artist from the UK.

He has drawn fictional characters like Gandalf and Batman as well as creating celebrity portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and more.

Realistic Celebrity Portraits With a Negative Technique

A negative drawing technique really twists the brain around. It’s typical to look at a photo reference and reproduce the shadows and lines exactly as they appear. Liam has to invert that. The shadows become white and the highlights become black. Definitely a brain twister!

Using only a few basic materials, Liam is able to create incredibly realistic and unique fictional character and celebrity portraits.


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 negative drawing | catwoman | celebrity portraits

negative drawing | Gandalf | Lord of the Rings | Gandalf fan art | celebrity portraits


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negative drawing | Batman | Ben Affleck | celebrity portraits

You can see Liam has a lot of skill in drawing a realistic celebrity portrait in this time-lapse video of his work drawing Lauren Bacall.


You can see more of Liam’s art on his Instagram or DeviantArt and buy prints of the celebrity portraits on his RedBubble page.

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