SDCC 2015 Wrap Up Part Two

Continuing the exciting wrap up of the events from SDCC this year, here are even more announcements and new footage! Comic books are a hot commodity right now for TV and movies. Marvel didn’t have as much of a presence at SDCC this year, but DC stepped up. Not only did we get a look at even more footage from Batman v Superman, we finally got to see the trailer for the Suicide Squad.

Batman v. Superman is definitely going to be a huge film. It may not come out until 2016 but plenty of people are getting excited already. DC released a longer trailer at Comic Con:

I’m so excited to finally see some glimpses of Wonder Woman in action! I think she’s looking great from those clips and hopefully they do her character justice in the full film.

Besides the longer trailer, there’s also a new image of a slightly different Batsuit:

You can watch the Batman v. Superman panel from the con here:

Here’s the first official look at the Suicide Squad, including our first real look at Leto’s Joker. Harley actually seems like she’s translating pretty well to the screen!

I’ve loved the X-Men series for a while. I definitely watched the cartoon as a kid! The X-Men movies featuring a younger Charles and Xavier have been great. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender continue in those roles for X-Men Apocalypse. I love that in Apocalypse we’re also getting the return of some favorite characters, just as their younger selves. Anyone else pumped to see a young Nightcrawler? I always loved him. Check out the poster they were handing out at SDCC:


It also seems that Apocalypse’s four horsemen have also been revealed. Magneto, Storm, Angel and Psylocke are supposed to be taking up those roles.

Guillermo del Toro announced that Pacific Rim 2 will start shooting this November. The first Pacific Rim was such a fun movie. Who doesn’t love giant robots fighting monsters? I’m definitely in for a second one!

Footage of the Warcraft movie was apparently shown at the con, but that hasn’t made its way online yet. Hopefully we’ll get video of that soon! In the meantime, here are two new posters:
1336523708406055269   1336523708284546661

There is also a little teaser of footage for the movie with this interactive video that lets you fly over Azeroth. If you view it with Google Chrome you can actually click and drag to move the viewpoint in the video!

One thing I’m super excited for is the release of the web series Con Man, from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. Their Indiegogo campaign made over $3 million. I’m so glad I contributed to it, it looks hilarious! They had a panel at the con this year (of course):


I love cosplay and SDCC definitely brings out some impressive costumes every year. Check out this video showing off a lot of amazing cosplays from the con:

Did you make it out to SDCC this year? What were your favorite panels or cosplays? Share your pics with us on our Facebook and Twitter!



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