Join the Sketchtember Drawing Challenge!

We’ve had Mermay, Junicorn, Smaugust and now the next drawing challenge is Sketchtember! For the month of September just let loose and make 30 sketches. We’ll be posting art following along with the prompt list on our Instagram so make sure to follow us! We’ll also have upcoming contests and giveaways. Keep your eyes peeled for those.

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Kick off the Drawing Challenge With a Free Tutorial!

We posted a tutorial about making armor for a female superhero. Check that out after you’ve done your day one sketch! Since day two of this drawing challenge is a cat, here’s an easy to follow tutorial for an adorable little kitten.

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1: Begin with an oval shape for the body and then a smaller circle for the head.

2: Sketch in the eyes, ears and mouth.

3: Add a small circular line for the kitten’s chest, connecting the head and the body.

how to draw | how to draw a cat | sketching | drawing challenge | sketchtember

4: Begin to draw the legs.

5: Add small ovals for the paws and six lines for whiskers. Angle the shape of the eyes and ears.

6: With an eraser, clean up the structural lines and add a few final details.

7: Go over the pencil lines with a felt-tip pen or a brush with India ink. You’re done! Can’t you hear the sweet little meow?


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