Some of the Best Cosplay from Dragoncon 2015!

Dragoncon has come and gone. One epic weekend filled with amazing cosplay. Dragoncon is one of the largest conventions in Atlanta and it brings some of the best and most creative costumes. From Jurassic World to Game of Thrones and video games to comics, Dragoncon is always a showcase of greatness. If you couldn’t make it down to Atlanta this year for the con, you can see some of the highlights here. There is definitely plenty to see. Four days of amazing costumes and thousands of attendees is almost sensory overload!

Norman Chan from captured a lot of the amazing Dragoncon costumes. Check out a few of our favorites:

1 - Mass Effect 2 - Lady Thor 3 - Jurassic World 5 - Mad Max 8 - White Walker 12 - Winter Soldier  7 - Pac Man  9 - Kung Fury   13 - Captain Marvel 15 - Edward Scissorhands 20 - God of War10 - Lara Croft Uncharted  14 - Mad Max  16 - Strax Doctor Who 40 - Steampunk Ood Doctor Who19 - Mortal Combat  21 - Samurai Darth Vader 23 - Inside Out 24 - Han Solo Cup 25 - Dungeon Master 35 - Game of Thrones 32 - Mojojojo 11 - Finn Star Wars26 - Portal  28 - Hodor 27 - Boxtrolls  29 - Iron Patriot 30 - Mad Max  31 - Calvin and Hobbes  33 - Final Fantasy 7 Tron  37 - Big Hero Six34 - armor  36 - Pikachu warrior  42 - Transistor38 - My Little Pony  39 - Halo  41 - Lego Movie  43 - Stargate 44 - Steven Universe Garnet 45 - Star Trek Borg 46 - Kitsune

Check out the full Dragoncon photo gallery from Norman on

I love how creative people can be. Some cosplays are truly accurate representations of the character but it’s so fun to see people do an interesting mashup or an original design that’s inspired by the character. Young or old, cosplay is for everyone! There is some impressive craftsmanship and creativity on display here.

What are your favorite costumes? Did you go to Dragoncon this year? Share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to see and enjoy your nerdy adventures! Seeing all these awesome costumes just makes me want to cosplay right now. Halloween is right around the corner…I better get working on a costume!

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