Art Inspiration: Spider-Man Homecoming Color Palettes

Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters tomorrow. Some lucky few will be able to catch it at early screenings tonight! If you haven’t seen the trailers yet check out the collected trailers on our other blog post about the film:
Spider-Man Swings Into Action

Spider-Man Homecoming is the first solo film featuring Tom Holland in the main role. I like that he’s much closer to the age they’re portraying Spider-Man as. For once a high school age character actually looks like a high schooler instead of a middle-aged adult!

Spider-Man Homecoming might not be the artsiest movie, but it looks like it should be fun. The humor is definitely there. Peter gets to run around the city in the suit he got from Tony in Civil War. The bright red and blue will definitely pop visually.

We created some downloadable color palette inspiration from Spider-Man Homecoming posters. We resisted using the ultra crazy collaged poster that much of the internet mocked (we don’t blame them, who thought that poster was a good idea??), and instead went for the simpler imagery for pulling colors. We hope you find these inspiring and use them for making your own art. Which movie, show or video game would you like to see color palettes made for next? Comment below!

Spider-Man Homecoming color palette 1 Spider-Man Homecoming color palette 2 Spider-Man Homecoming color palette 3Spider-Man Homecoming color palette 4

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