The Adventure of Gen Con 2015

I managed to get out to Indianapolis for Gen Con 2015 and once again it was a blast. Gen Con 2015 had even more attendees than Gen Con 2014. The con just seems to continue getting bigger and better! There were a ton of exciting games and awesome cosplay. Gen Con released the full attendance numbers for this weekend and a new record has been set with 61,423 unique attendees and a turnstile attendance of 197,695. That’s a lot of gamers in one place! Of all the cons I’ve been to Gen Con is definitely a good one. The gamers are nice and so enthusiastic. You can easily demo a game with a stranger and make a new friend. Running around the vendor hall you may sometimes bump into one another, but everyone at Gen Con understands and politely apologizes. This con continues to create an exciting and safe atmosphere for gamers to gather, celebrate the games they love and discover new ones.


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Gen Con 2015 was no exception to this trend and was packed full of exciting things. I spent most of my time in the vendor hall the whole weekend and it was often sensory overload. So many things to look at and so many games to play! There are games to match your fandom, games to satisfy some nostalgia or games that are completely original.

For the Game of Thrones fans, there is a second edition of the Game of Thrones card game. I’ve played the board game, which I loved, and the card game looks like it should definitely be fun too.

The Star Wars miniature game was extremely popular. There was always a line for that booth! They had quite a few of the ships on display too, including a large Imperial Destroyer.

Boss Monster hits the nostalgia levels with the game concept, the art design and some specific callouts to characters and people in the cards. I love that the art is pixelated and you craft a dungeon like in a lot of the old games I played as a kid.


A new game called Mysterium was running demos all weekend. I didn’t get the chance to play because it was so popular. The table was always full and the game inventory sold out. This one is definitely on my list to check out another time though. I also wanted to check out a game called London Dread. I talked to one of the creators and he said they were there all the way from Copenhagen! People come from all over for Gen Con.


I demoed a few games including Operation FAUST, Splendor and Parfum, which I bought. They all had a good mix of luck and strategy, which definitely appeal to me. I also played Elysium and Cash ‘N Guns. There are so many different types of games to play at the con!

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What’s your favorite game and your favorite part about Gen Con and other conventions? Let us know by commenting here or on our Facebook or Twitter! Conventions bring out great stories and we’d love to hear them.

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