The Scream and Alien Covenant Merge in a New Mashup

Alien Covenant comes out this weekend. The Alien series is beloved. Though some of the recent additions to the franchise have left fans less than thrilled. Prometheus only seemed to get an okay reception. It’s sitting at 72% from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes but just 68% with audiences. The original Alien from 1979 has a 97% rating. Hopefully Alien Covenant will be a good film and bring more fans into the fold.

We are definitely fans of the Xenomorph design. That alien is horrifying and entrancing all at once. The curves, the spikes, the teeth! It’s an iconic design that people recognize even if they haven’t seen the Alien films. With Alien Covenant coming out, we got inspired by one of the main posters. We realized the pose would merge perfectly with Edvard Munch’s famous piece, The Scream. So naturally, we had to create that mashup.

The Scream Alien Covenant poster


The Alien Scream

The Alien Scream by Jamie DeAnne. Materials: pastels and gouache. Find more of her art on her website:


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