The Unique Fingerpainting Art of Iris Scott

We all remember fingerpainting as kids right? It was so fun feeling the paint on your fingers and spreading it on a canvas. Typically kid fingerpainting art isn’t very sophisticated. A smear of color, a semblance of shape if you’re lucky. It’s more about the activity of painting and less the art itself. Artist Iris Scott takes fingerpainting to a new level with her art. Using just her fingers instead of brushes, Iris creates gorgeous dimensional paintings of dogs, people, landscapes and more. Iris admits that she got tired of cleaning brushes and that’s why she started just using her hands instead. I love the texture that she gets with the large globs of paint. Some of her pieces remind me of van Gogh’s style.

jake-the-giant-ipad-watermarked   Z_Lobo-del-cielo_2016 static1.squarespace   w106+fox+fire+24x36 zRodeo_36x36   w113+my+thai+sunbrella.24x36 Z_tournesol_30x60   Z_Arcadia_16x20


You can check out more of her art on her website and Instagram. I really love the playfulness of her style. I might just have to grab a small canvas this weekend and give it a try myself! There is definitely something really satisfying about covering your hands in paint and just letting yourself create.


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