A Stitch in Time

I read about these adorable cross-stitch samplers on IO9 the other day and I can’t stop thinking about how cute they’d look hanging in my hallway. And with a variety of superheroes and sci-fi, there’s something for everyone in there, ranging from Harry Potter to the Doctors–all 11 of them, which inspired the title of this post–to Firefly/Serenity and Scooby Doo. And since most of them are no more than $5 a pop, the price is most definitely right. I’m particularly fond of the Ghostbusters one. Bill Murray always has me in stitches when I watch; now it can be the other way around.

Plus, it supports an independent artist, and who doesn’t love that? If you’re trying to sell your work, check out 2011 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market! With over 1,000 listings, you’ll be selling your work in no time.

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