Artist Brings Classic Comics to Life as Mosaics

Many classic comics have iconic covers that everyone recognizes. The process to come up with the perfect cover design can be long and arduous, but it’s worth it when the imagery stands out for years to come. Many classic comics that are popular have had parodies or fan art made. One artist took the fan art route and recreated some classic comics with mosaic tiles.

A New Medium for Classic Comics

Normally comic covers are created with pencils and ink. Artist Matthew DiMasi of Shattered Comics went a different route. He used broken pieces of tile to create the classic comics of old. Matthew sources the glossy ceramic tiles from three different companies, one of which is actually willing to custom mix colors for him. He then smashes the tiles to get the small pieces for the mosaic puzzle. He uses tile nippers but doesn’t make any straight cuts.

These aren’t small pieces! Many of the cover recreations are almost life-size. You can see the size comparison between the original cover and the mosaic here in one of Matthew’s Facebook posts.

Matthew paid attention to all the little details for his recreation. The comic lettering is the same as in the print versions. The shading on Punisher and Spider-Man are perfect. According to Matthew, the large cover reproductions take between 100-150 hours. That’s a lot of hours, but the final product is so impressive.

A Love of the Dark Knight

Matthew is clearly a Batman fan. He recreated three of the old Detective Comics covers as well as one cover of the single issue Batman series featuring Robin. In each recreation he includes all the little details like the publishing date and the 10 cent cost.

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Superman, The Avengers and More

A few other characters have made an appearance in Matthew’s cover recreations. He’s featured a lot of DC characters but his Facebook gallery shows off one Avengers cover! Matthew created some of the pieces for famous artists. Others are still on display in the Shattered Comics shop in New Hampshire.

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Matthew DiMasi with Gregory Capullo

Matthew DiMasi with Bernie Wrightson

Current Work

Matthew is currently working on a new comic cover featuring Iron Fist. Seeing the work in progress makes it much easier to understand how Matthew pieces together the full project. You can see the gridlines he drew in the background first. Mapping out each section makes it easier to sketch in the individual details and accurately match the comic cover for all the little details. Matthew free hands the entire cover in pencil. No tracing or projection help. 

Which classic comics cover would you want to see recreated in tile? Are you a fan of this kind of fan art? Leave your comments for me now. 

Images via Shattered Comics. You can also see more of his work on Matthew’s Facebook.