It’s Colossal!

Photo reference for action and fantasyIt’s out! I was pleased to work on Buddy Scalera’s Colossal Collection of Action Poses, bringing not only the best from his three previous photo reference books, but also brand new, never-before-seen material. This book lives up to its name, bringing a monstrous 320 pages packed with poses for comic and fantasy artists and step-by-step demonstrations for turning those photos into great characters!

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you inside!

Teen Action Hero
I chose this picture of Chanel for my demo because I liked the tilt of the head and the position of the legs. I remained fairly faithful to the pose but went my own direction with the aesthetics. That’s what it’s all about—using the photo as inspiration without being a slave to it. Because I ink my own work, I can keep my pencils loose, knowing I’ll tighten the drawing during inking. This is one way I’ve learned to streamline my process.

Colossal Collection of Action Poses

Sketch Thumbnails

First, I sketch the pose with a regular mechanical pencil to capture the shapes, angles and general feel. I like to do several sketches before deciding which one to run with. I always have three or four sketchbooks going.

Colossal Collection of Action Poses

Pencil the Best Pose

I redraw my best sketch onto art board, then rough in the details of the clothing. This is where my illustration begins to deviate from the photo. I’m envisioning a teen hero dressed in a sort of hybrid punk/militaristic style.

Colossal Collection of Action Poses


I ink the drawing with fine-point pens and brush pens, then erase the pencil lines. As you just saw, my pencils are loose, so as I
ink, I have to “find” the final illustration in my mess of lines. It’s not really as chaotic as it sounds, but I almost always make a few corrections.

Colossal Collection of Action Poses


I scan my inks, then add color on the computer. The final product is a piece I’d gladly add to my portfolio.

For more poses and demonstrations, pick up a copy of Colossal Collection of Action Poses today.

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