Do you have great comic ideas?

Hey you! Yeah, you. Do you like drawing comics? Well, if you believe you’ve got some great ideas there’s a very empty spot on comic pages around the country. Since Cathy is no longer on the funnies page, a few papersĀ  (most, really) have been looking for a replacement.

Maybe now would be a good time to submit some great ideas to a few papers. (Small publications may be more willing to work with a freelance artist than a large, well-known publication.)

If nothing else, help these guys pick their new replacement: The Greeley Tribune.

Perhaps your local paper is asking for the same advice. There’s nothing like having a say in what’s printed for your entertainment.

Also, if you love the Green Lantern and have cable television, you may find this of interest: THE GREEN LANTERN IS COMING TO CARTOON NETWORK! Right now the series is in production; it will be released for viewers in 2011.