How Batman’s Suit Would Change in Different Time Periods

A lot of creative artist’s have taken Batman‘s suit design to very interesting places. How would Batman’s suit look if he was in the future or the 50s? If he was a viking or an actual knight? The time period can definitely influence the design. I always love a good costume redesign. Check out how a few artists took the caped crusader’s look and re-imagined it!

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It’s fascinating to see the things that stay the same and the things that each artists changes. Of course the bat symbol always has to be there, and Batman does love the black and gray palette. Each artist was definitely creative with how they changed the lines of the suit and transformed it to fit their chosen time period or genre.

What other time period or genre would you image Batman in? How would that change his costume? Check out Draw Comic Book Action by Lee Garbett and draw your own version of his costume then share it with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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