Impact Author Buddy Scalera Will be at NYCC!

New York Comic Con, aka NYCC, is right around the corner. The festivities start tomorrow! I had the chance to explore this convention a couple years ago, and it was fun. I hear it’s gotten even bigger! It may rival SDCC pretty soon. Check out the trailer for this year’s convention:


There are always a lot of great artists at NYCC. I love wandering through artist alley. It’s a great way to meet your favorite artists and to discover new ones! Impact author Buddy Scalera will be at NYCC this year. Publisher’s Weekly has outlined a few of the panels that Buddy Scalera and many other artists and authors will be at for the weekend. NYCC definitely has a lot of panels and activities to choose from, so plan ahead and read up on the things you want to attend!

For even more great comic book info, head to for videos, interviews, instruction and more.

Don’t forget to grab copies of Buddy Scalera’s many helpful titles: Creating Comics From Start to Finish, The Colossal Collection of Action Poses, Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Men and BoysComic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women and GirlsComic Artist’s Photo Reference: People and Poses.

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