Inverted Drawings by Brian Lai

Artist Brian Lai was recently featured on the Laughing Squid. He’s done some incredible pencil drawings in this inverted style. When the images are put into a photo negative, the drawing pops! This is so fascinating to me. It’s such an interesting idea. I would find it so hard to wrap my brain around the drawing reversal. I would just want to shade the normal stuff instead of switching it around! When the colors are inverted, the drawings are just so impressive. I’ve never seen this inverted drawing technique before. I hope Brian keeps working with it!



Check out this short video of him drawing in the inverted technique:

So cool. I may have to try this technique someday. It definitely looks great with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character. You can really see the highlights and the metal of the claws.

For help drawing your own awesome comic characters check out Draw Comic Book Action by Lee Garbett and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Comic Studio.

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