Psychic Powers Day

Ever wish you had psychic powers? Well, October 31st (aka Halloween) is also National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day! So what does that mean? Well, for one thing, if someone gives you a death glare on a regular basis, then you might want to stay away from them on this particular day!

No, no, but seriously, today is all about opening your mind to the world around you and so on and such as. So we, at IMPACT, want to know who your favorite superhero or otherwise fictional character with a psychic ability is… so let us know!

Here’s one of our favorite psychics! You might know him…


Here’s Charles Xavier at work, helping out his young apprentice (you might know her too).


Jean Grey sure knows how to make a come back, eh?


To learn how to draw some of your own superheroes, check out Draw Comic Book Action!




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