Q+A with Andy Schmidt: Do something you love.

Just in case you missed Andy at the weekend’s New York Comic Con, and well, even if you didn’t, here are some cold (and not so cold) facts about the insider behind The Insider’s Guide to Comics and Graphic Novels.

Name: Peter Andrewes Schmidt

Nickname: Andy

Hometown: Fairmont, West Virginia

Current residence: San Diego, California

Kids and/or pets? Son: Cale Richard Schmidt, born 7/1/07

Favorite food: Peanut butter

Favorite candy bar: Milky Way

Favorite TV show: Farscape

Favorite movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Favorite website(s): My own! www.comicsexperience.com

Favorite blog(s): I don’t read any with regularity.

Favorite comic(s): I’ll always be an X-Men fan. But V for Vendetta is probably my all-time favorite comic.

Do you collect anything else? Nope.

First job ever: Digging ditches in Mobile, Alabama during the summer.

Best job ever: Freelance writing and editing comics at Marvel.

When did you know you wanted to be an editor/writer? Dawned on me when I was getting a masters degree in 2001.

Give us a taste of your latest project? I’m currently writing a 4 issue comic book limited series for Boom! Studios that combines my love of geography and submarines with my love of story and character. It’s called Challenger Deep.

Talk about a time you felt starstruck in your line of work. I met George Perez. By the time he and I met, I had already met a dozen of my childhood heroes and I knew how not to act like an idiot. Then I met George who is honestly a huge inspiration to me and probably why I fell in love with comics as a kid. I was slackjawed. I’m such a dope.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received? Don’t worry about what everyone else is getting or doing, just make sure you’re getting what is right for you and that you’re doing something you love.