Robert Marzullo’s Top 5 Comic Influences

Interview with YouTube Star Robert Marzullo: His Top 5 Comic Influences

1: Todd McFarlane

I started wanting to draw comics at age 15 when I moved from Rhode Island to Michigan. When I moved, I didn’t know anyone. I found a local comic book store down the street and fell in love with the art form immediately. I started trying to draw every cool picture I could get my hands on. One book stood out from the rest, and it was Spider-man #1 by Todd McFarlane. I was so impressed with his dynamic style that I decided that very moment I would be a professional artist one day.

Todd McFarlane | Spawn | comic books

Image Comics Co-founder Todd McFarlane (L) and Tom Proprofsky, dressed as the character Spawn from the “Spawn” comic book series, attend the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

2: Jim Lee

Along my artistic journey, I gravitated to lots of other artists for various reasons within their style. Jim Lee was a huge one for me because he has such an amazing technical ability. I learned a lot from his character structure. Still do to this day I learn from him! I was always amazed by how many characters he could fit on a page, and yet they all made perfect sense together in that image.

Jim Lee | DC Comics | comic books | comic book art

3: Rob Liefeld

I was so impressed with Rob Liefeld’s work. He has this super over-the-top style that you just couldn’t deny. It’s almost like his style and expressiveness take the front seat in his drawings. Some discredited his knowledge of anatomy, but I always saw him as an innovator that went with his gut instincts. He created characters like Deadpool and Cable while he was still just a kid, really. Very inspiring!

Rob Liefeld | Deadpool | comic books

4: Dale Keown

I started to really latch on to Dale Keown’s work. He was by far the best Hulk artist I had ever seen. Dale has this way of drawing big hulking brutes that still looks correct even with the exaggerated features. He packs all this muscle together and they still look alive. Most artists can’t do that. He also has an animated feel to his characters. I was totally impressed with his shading. Where some artists go a bit too crazy with their cross hatching, he manages to make it read really clearly.

Dale Keown | comic books | comic book art | the Hulk

5: David Finch

Another artist that has been very impactful for me is David Finch. Mainly because of his commanding use of shadows and the gritty feel of his work. He has a tone to his style that is very dark and fun at the same time. He is also an amazing teacher and shares his process as well.

David Finch | David Finch art | comic books | comic book art | Batman | Catwoman David Finch | comic book | comic book art | Wonder Woman

There are many others such as Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Ed Benes, Joe Benitez, and the list goes on. I just really enjoy the artists that throw in lots of eye candy to their line work and don’t shy away from the details. 

They are all my art teachers and we have never met!

– Robert

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