Round Up!

We’re starting a new series, in which we highlight some of the week’s most IMPACTful news, tweets, videos and oddities–all in one convenient place!

Earlier this week, we found these awesome videos, banned advertisements for University of Lincoln in the UK, check them out! And, of course, we’re all getting excited about the forthcoming Dark Shadows movie.

Follow Me on Pinterest Pinterest is the new craze, and what an awesome one it is! A new, fun form of social bookmarking designed to act like a virtual pinboard, and while our page is still in it’s fledgling stages, we’re excited to be rounding up our favorite items on the web, as well as finding some awesome gems we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Keep an eye on us there by clicking on the handy-dandy Pinterest button.

My manager stumbled across this gem of a video the other day! Did you see it on our Facebook?

The big topic in Comics this week is the Before Watchmen debate–everything from the creators to the ethics of it, to just whether or not it’s going to be any good. What do you think? Is this something you’re looking forward to, or do you think they should have left it alone?

Drawn posted this really sweet, surreal webcomic on Wednesday.

And you can always check out what one of my favorite graffiti artist’s, Phlegm, is up to at his blog. This is just one of his latest pieces. And while we’re talking graffiti, does anyone know where in Brooklyn this is located?. Collage street art, how awesome can you get?

Graffiti isn’t just for walls, though as we well know at IMPACT. Scape Martinez loves to educate the world on how it can take on lots of forms. As always, you can buy his books in our shop.

That’s all for this week’s edition, folks, but give us a shout if you have any items you’d like us to cover next week–either in the round up, or separately. And as always, follow us on Twitter!