Superheroes if They Were Painted by Norman Rockwell

The Saturday Evening Post covers became iconic thanks to the art of J. C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell. Their illustration style perfectly showed the everyday life of people. What if superheroes graced the covers though? Artists Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos and Mark Dos Santos both imagined the everyday life of superheroes and perfectly illustrated Saturday Evening Post covers just like the style of Levendecker and Rockwell. Though both artists have a different art style, I love both interpretations. I could easily see these printed out as posters.

zatanna_1964_by_onlymilo-d7ys1um   clark_kent_1938_by_onlymilo-d79pcyu wonder_woman_1945_by_onlymilo-d5mqkdb   catwoman_1989_by_ruizburgos-d88bxri


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I love how Burgos put a lot of detail into each cover and I love that Dos Santos tweaked the title to be The Gotham Evening Post. It’s perfect. Make sure to check out Burgos’ DeviantArt gallery for more art and hopefully soon even more pieces added to this series! Head on over to Dos Santos’ website for other cool art as well.

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