What You Should Know Before the Justice League Movie

It’s been a long wait but the team is finally coming together for the Justice League movie. Not sure who’s who and what’s going on? We’ll catch you up with everything you need to know before seeing the Justice League movie this weekend with your friends.


The dark knight teamed up with an alien and a goddess to defeat Doomsday, but he knew that wouldn’t be the end. Superman’s death opens the door for other threats. We know that Batman was already looking into other powered beings. So far the trailers for the Justice League movie make it seem like Batman is the main recruiter for assembling the team.

Wonder Woman

Diana stole our hearts in her solo movie over the summer. She left the Amazon island Themyscira during World War I to defend mankind and free them from Ares. We know she has lived in Paris, working at the Louvre, and has continued to fight for mankind.

Although we won’t see Diana return to the island of Themyscira, the Amazon home will appear again in flashbacks. The trailer shows us some glimpses of the armies of Amazons doing battle with aliens. How that all ties together and meshes with the timeline of past and present? We’ll see. Hopefully it’s a logical sequence.

Wonder Woman and Batman seem to be taking on the mom and dad roles in assembling the league. Those knowing glances in the trailer show them as the wizened, battle-hardy pair.


A newcomer to the DC cinematic universe, Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman is being brought to life by Jason Momoa. The clip that Batman had shows Curry being able to breathe in the water. We don’t know the full extent of his aquatic powers yet though. Will he have the comic ability of communicating with sea animals?

Aquaman’s design for the film has taken a distinctly tough appearance. Often the league member fans make fun of, this time around Aquaman looks like a force to be reckoned with. The tattoos, the quindent instead of a trident, the dark flowing hair and the slick armored suit all give a new look to this underrated hero. 

Just look at this intense stare, how can you not love him?


Another newcomer to the team, Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash, is the youngest member of the team. He’s more of a reluctant hero and tells Bruce that he’s never done battle before. The trailer has definitely cast Barry as the comedic point in the film. We’re guessing he’ll have the majority of the quippy dialogue.

Though we probably won’t see it in the Justice League movie, the Flash is eventually able to use his super speed to travel through time. Most likely this power will be developed more in any solo Flash movies, but we saw evidence of it in Batman v Superman. He appeared to Bruce and gave him a few ominous phrases like “find us” and saying that Bruce is right about “him.” We don’t know who “him” is yet. Is that Steppenwolf, the villain of the Justice League movie? Superman? Another character entirely? We’ll see where these DC breadcrumbs lead eventually.


The final newcomer is Cyborg. The metahuman files from Batman v Superman revealed his existence. Victor Stone is a man brought back to life. His father failed at first to revive him but a device known as the Mother Box fused with Victor in S.T.A.R. Labs and turned him into the Cyborg we know. 

We expect to see more of his backstory in the film since he is definitely one of the lesser known characters. The Mother Box is a powerful piece of technology that the villain of the movie, Steppenwolf, will obviously be coming after.



And of course, the big guy himself, Superman. At the end of Batman v. Superman (SPOILERS) we see Superman laid to rest. Naturally we know that can’t be the last of him. It’s not a well-kept secret that Superman will be returning to the big screen to join the Justice League.

The question is, what form will Superman take? There have been rumors that since much of the story borrows from the ‘90s classic Death and Return of Superman, that the man of steel will come back in the dark form of that story.

Will we see him in the black and silver outfit instead of the classic blue and red? Henry Cavill has been teasing fans and keeping the rumor mill churning.


Lots of people expected Darkseid to be the villain in the film, but Steppenwolf has been confirmed to be the reigning dark champion.

This powerful alien is known as a New God and was created by the legendary Jack Kirby. He serves as Darkseid’s lieutenant, so expect Justice League to set up the arrival of him being the big bad in future films. Steppenwolf is after the Mother Boxes, of which there are three on Earth. 

In the film, we’re sure they’ll cover the origins of the boxes and their life on Earth. We know one is connected to Themyscira and one to Atlantis.


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