Dawn Schiller and her Polymer Clay Art will be at Comic Con 2012!

On the heels of our post about IMPACT authors Brian and Kristy Miller’s session at Comic-Con 2012, we’ve learned that Dawn Schiller will be there this week as well! She will be there throughout the entire convention (Thursday through Sunday) at Booth 4716, under the Fantasy Illustrators banner. Be sure to stop by and meet her, so you can learn more about her new book that is coming out, FaeMaker. If you don’t know about Dawn and her polymer clay art and characters, check out Dawn’s OddFae website for some really cool info and neat art.

And we have a special demo for you, straight from FaeMaker! You won’t find this anywhere else until you get your hands on a copy of her book! We’re going to let Dee show you how to make clay hands for your character with this polymer clay tutorial:

Dawn Schiller FaeMaker Making Clay Hands

Step 1: Make the Basic Shape for Clay Hands and Divide the Fingers

Start with a flattened rectangle of clay half as wide as your character’s face, and measuring from the chin to the eyebrows. Divide the hand into fingers using a craft knife, making the middle finger the longest. In my World, characters have only three fingers and a thumb.

Step 2: Round Fingers and Make Bend Marks

Round the edges and ends of the fingers, leaving the top surface of the fingers slightly flattened. Turn the hand over and score lines at the base of the fingers where they meet the palm, and make another line halfway up each finger. When the hand is posed, this is where the fingers will bend.

Step 3: Sculpt the Fingernails

Holding the end of a manicure stick at an angle, draw a line on either side of each finger to mark the sides of the nail. Turn the stick so the flat side is resting on the nail, and gently press in the lines for cuticles.

Dawn Schiller FaeMaker Making Clay Hands

Step 4: Lift the Fingernails

Slide the blade of a craft knife under the end of the nail and lift slightly.

Step 5: Add the Knuckle Lines into your Clay Hands

Find the place on the top of each finger that is opposite the line on the palm side, and make small lines to represent knuckles.

Dawn Schiller FaeMaker Making Clay Hands

Step 6: Add the Thumb Shape

Roll a teardrop slightly larger than the other fingers. Turn the hand over and add the teardrop to the base of the hand, smoothing the larger end into the palm to make the pad of the thumb.

Dawn Schiller FaeMaker Making Clay Hands

Step 7: Shape the Thumb and Bake

Use the manicure stick to add a thumbnail. Remember, hands aren’t flat—look at your own hand to see how thumbs work and where to place the lines of the palm. And don’t forget to make a right and a left hand!
Continue smoothing and shaping. Bake at 275º F (135º C) for 20 minutes, or according to the clay package directions.

Step 8: Add Color to Bring your Polymer Clay Art to Life!

Use no. 8 round to paint a thin diluted wash of Burnt Umber acrylic paint over the hands. Then, gently wipe off most of the paint with a paper towel. Repeat as needed or use water to remove excess paint. Paint a bit of Terra Coral over the knuckles with a no. 3 round. Pat the edges of the paint with your fingertip to blend.


With the helpful tips and techniques from FaeMaker, you’ll be able to make amazing polymer clay characters, figures and art like this guy below! And don’t forget to find Dawn at Comic-Con this week (July 12th-15th) at Booth 4716!

Dawn Schiller FaeMaker Dragon


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