$9.99 Extreme Face Painting Video Download!

Don’t panic, but you have about a month left to master your face painting skills before Halloween! And with help from IMPACT authors Brian and Nick Wolfe, co-authors of the Extreme Face Painting, your little goblins and ghouls (or yourself) will be donning fiendish skulls and tiger stripes in no time.

With one click you can download 30 minutes of video instruction. In this 30-minute artistsnetwork.tv video workshop, you’ll learn tips for detailing and adding dimension to your faces, when and how to paint with a sponge or a brush, and more. Follow along with this preview to make your skulls look more angular and emaciated—shading black on top of all the darkest darks will push these areas deeper into the head, making the lighter areas pop even more and giving dimension to the skull.

If you like the video, it’s included in its entirety in the Extreme Face Painting book. The book is made up of 50 step-by-step demos—one half features friendly subjects (like birds, puppies and princesses), while the other is a fiendish array (like vampires, zombies and mummies).