Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…dragon? At IMPACT Books, we have plenty of those, along with elves, fairies, robots, aliens, unicorns and just about every other kind of fantastic creature you can dream of! We are THE source for learning how to draw fantasy and sci-fi art. And with 2012 being the Year of the Dragon, you can bet you’ll find plenty of dragon art, learn about our authors’ favorite fantasy artists and create amazing sci-fi and fantasy art landscapes to match your creature’s natural habitat.

How to Draw a Minotaur

Learn the legend of the great Greek mythical creature, the Minotaur. Then follow the step-by-step tutorial to draw your own minotaur.

Release Date for Destiny 2 Confirmed

Coming this fall, Destiny 2 finally has an official release date! The sequel to the popular first person shooter will have an improved storyline.

Learn How to Draw a Mermaid

Learn how to draw a mermaid with a free step-by-step tutorial by J "NeonDragon" Peffer from DragonArt: Fantasy Characters.