A Beautiful Illuminated Version of The Silmarillion

I’m a fan of everything that Tolkien created. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and of course The Silmarillion. The Silmarillion isn’t exactly a light read, but the comprehensive history of Middle Earth and the multitude of stories contained in it makes it definitely worth a read. Tolkien created an amazing world. I’ve seen some pretty copies of the book but the illuminated version crafted by hand by Benjamin Harff blows everything else out of the water.

Benjamin did an interview with the Tolkien Library and explained that the book project was for his exam at the Academy of Arts. The calligraphy and decoration was done by hand. The opening page with just the Silmarillion took over 70 hours to complete. It’s so beautiful though. It’s absolutely an impressive final product!

120114_TheSilmarillion_HandIllustrated3  benCh16

ben2   ben1

bensilbuch05   bensilbuch06

I love books of all kinds but I definitely have a healthy appreciation for old books and books that have clearly taken a lot of time to make. This hand-made project just shows so much passion for the subject matter, the details and the book itself as a whole. It would be amazing to own an illuminated copy like this. Massive congrats to Benjamin for a job well done in creating this manuscript. Make sure to check out the full interview at the Tolkien Library page to learn more about the creation of this stunning book.

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