A Dragon Game Showing the Inner Geek


Alina Pete from WereGeek.com pretty much summed up true geek life in her comic talking about dragons. In it, you’ve got the unabashed geek and the I-don’t-want-anyone-to-know geek. But what makes them so universal is the fact that they’re both freaking out (privately and publicly) over an epic dragon game that is, essentially, their precious. (Did anyone else hear a Gollum voice? No? Just me?…)

Without going into too many details, we (at IMPACT), are fantasy freaks! Throw a dragon game into the mix and we’re one step away from deliriously happy! Whether you play for Team Edward or Team Jacob – oh, wait, wrong fandom – whether you play for team Skylanders or team Flight Rising or are just positively radiate over the both of them – we totally think you’re an awesome and certifiable geek! Congrats!

Now, if you want to take your art to the next level of geekiness, then check out some of these books from none-other than Jessica Peffer!
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