Art of the Week: Gary Tonge

We are here this week with something a little bit different than the usual art of the week – a little bit of sci-fi/fantasy, digital art! From Gary Tonge’s Digital Painting Tricks & Techniques, this scene features a very dark, dystopian sci-fi scene – all painted digitally. It appears as if there are space craft emerging from the dark skies above, which seem to enclose the entire scene, and probably the earth (like The Matrix, anyone?). The city itself looks to be in ruins, overgrown by vegetation and crumbling at its very foundations. So maybe that’s our hero climbing down the tree – mankind’s last hope.

Gary Tonge Art of the Week Digital Painting


About the Artist:

Gary Tonge has worked as a professional artist for twenty years now, having worked for a number of Game Development Studios, Book Publishers, and a number of other places. Most recently, he has worked as a concept artist, illustrator, and an art director, while still having the time to “doodle” space and sci-fi images.

* * *

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