Artist Recreates the World of Warcraft Movie Trailer

It’ll be a while before the World of Warcraft movie is released. The lucky attendees of Blizzcon 2014 were able to see the World of Warcraft movie trailer. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to wait for the trailer footage since that was a con exclusive. Fortunately, one artist has painstakingly recreated the trailer shot for shot! Artist Yanmo Zhang was at the con and was able to watch the trailer a few times. So he kindly illustrated the trailer so the rest of us can get a peek at what’s to come! Check out his art and the summary of what’s going on in each scene:

1st scene, a bird’s eye view of stormwind, epic, fantastic and amazing.

Sunset is shining above the city, indicates that the war is coming.

An armory in Stormwind. Shining shields on walls and weapons by the racks.

Scene into the Throne Hall of King, so holy! King Llane is sitting on throne, Lothar and Medivh (I guess) standing in front of the throne.

Close up of King Llane is thinking, maybe he’s hearing Lothar reporting the war.

In Blasted Lands (or outland?), green lightning pierces the sky.

Horde now! The army behind him slowly forward.

Orcs are moving forward.

An orc is watching Dark Portal.
There’s an aside saying – Our hope is destroyed, there is nothing to go back to.

Dalaran comes, magic and fabulous. The whole city is slowly sliding into clouds.

Three elves are moving and watching forward, one of them turns his head over.
There’s an aside saying – Is the war… the only answer?

Last scene. Durotan is watching his wife, their camp was burned down, his eyes show sadness. His wife is trying to comfort him, he also used comforting eyes looking back to her. Expression and details are so real, fine and smooth.

Love the art that Yanmo created. Can’t wait to see the full World of Warcraft movie trailer in all of its cinematic glory! For more exciting news about the upcoming movie, check out the movie panel from Blizzcon, moderated by Chris Hardwick.

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