Sci-Fi Friday: Behind the Scenes of Return of the Jedi

I love seeing the behind the scenes action of making movies and TV shows, especially fantasy and sci-fi shows. They always have amazing special effects, props and costumes. Some more behind the scenes photos have surfaced from the original Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi. It’s amazing to see the young actors on the Return of the Jedi set. I’m blown away with just how much of the film was made with practical effects. Who knew that so many of the backgrounds were hand painted! Check out some of the photos showing off sets, props and costumes for the epic sci-fi film:

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It’s amazing seeing the full-size sets and props, but I’m also surprised by how many things were small! I can’t believe all those stormtroopers were hand painted. I thought they were a bunch of extras in real costumes! These are the impressive little details you learn from photos like these. There are even more images from the Return of the Jedi set over on imgur so make sure to check out the full gallery.

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