Dracopedia: The Bestiary Has Can’t-Miss Mythical Creatures

William O’Connor is back with a fantastic new title, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be excited to get your paws (or tentacles, we don’t judge) on Dracopedia: The Bestiary, ASAP! There are some great, unusual mythical creatures and fantastic beasts included, with everything from the Kraken to the great Yeti. But O’Connor didn’t stop with them; he’s traveled far and wide to bring you mythological creatures from around the world, so don’t miss the questing beast, naga, the unicorn, manticore and leviathan.

Now, I’m especially partial to two things: black and white sketches and watery mystical beasts, so I couldn’t wait until the book came out to share a peak at what what’s inside the Bestiary. Here, you’ll see the black and white process sketches of a seahorse and a kraken.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and just wait ’til you see them in full color! You’ll be able to do just that once Dracopedia: The Bestiary hits shelves.


Preorder Dracopedia: The Bestiary today, and buy these books by clicking on their images. You’ll be glad you did.