Color Your Images with Graff 2

If you’re familiar with Scape Martinez and his work, then you should recognize the image below from the Graff Color Workbook. Today, we are going to show you a quick demonstration from Martinez that will instruct you in giving life and color to your robot. Using the techniques shown here, along with others from Martinez’s work, you can quickly learn how to shade and add cool graphics to your artwork!


Add Color

Color the robot’s body using a basic blue. Add contrast by using yellow for the visor, gray for the neck and hands, and red for the elbow joints and stomach plate. Use water- based markers or watercolor paints to do your fills.

When you design a robot, it is entirely up to you as to how the robot looks and how the joints are put together.


Finish With Graphics and Shadows

Add graphics and shadows underneath the arms and shoulders. Think of elements and areas of your character that are over or in front of other areas. For example, the torso is over the waist so it’s safe to add shadows there.

Finally, add a bright red stroke and some bubbles to finish it off. Now your character is ready to be placed within your piece.




For more cool ideas, shading, and graphics, check out Martinez’s latest book, Graff 2, and add it to your collection!



* * *

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