Detailed Millennium Falcon Model Crafted With Cardboard

Here at IMPACT, we definitely love Star Wars. Who doesn’t?? Though it wasn’t a living character, Han Solo‘s ship, the Millennium Falcon, was pretty much a character itself in the original trilogy. That ship has become iconic not just with the Star Wars series but with the whole sci-fi genre! So naturally when I found a crazy good cardboard model of the ship, I had to share.

Thomas Richner posted pictures of the impressive build on Imgur. The project started out when Thomas was supposed to be cleaning up and recycling boxes from the basement. Using the cardboard boxes to build an awesome Millennium Falcon is definitely an awesome way to recycle! The build is a scale replica and it’s definitely impressive. Thomas said the project took 140 hours and you can see why.

dI3VL6v - Imgur   5YlMiZO - Imgur

uBaAiU8 - Imgur   quBlS4h - Imgur

RtGDgvm - Imgur   eud7LIG - Imgur

VvljWen - Imgur  lrRWi5H - Imgur

I’m blown away by how much detail Thomas put into this Millennium Falcon model. It’s not just the basic shape of the ship, there are so many layers to it! Make sure to check out his whole album on Imgur to see the many steps it took to create the ship as well as his blog for more info and other builds.

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