Fantasy Friday: Dragon Robot

In fantasy worlds, dragons are a major driving force of the mythology. But what would one of these imaginary creatures look like if it was thrown into the modern era? Check out artist E.J. Su’s adaptation of what he thinks a dragon would look like. His Dragon Robot, along with many others, can be found in DragonWorld by IMPACT books.

Here’s a sneak peek at E.J. Su’s artist interview found in DragonWorld and follow along as he helps recreate his Robot Dragon through a helpful step-by-step.


What qualities do dragons exemplify that inspire you?

Dragons have been the subject of many fabled stories throughout the ages, and there was no lack of such stories in Asia where I grew up. The “untouchable” sense that surrounded these creatures inspired my fantasies when I was a kid.

Is there a story behind your image?

My dragon is an experimental nanotechnology embryo that has the ability to grow itself by absorbing mechanical parts and programs according to the environment its been exposed to. By accident, it gained knowledge of giant, flying lizardlike creatures, so it built itself into a mythical dragon.

Does your dragon incorporate qualities of one or more other animals?

I have always been a huge dinosaur nut, and here I took partial inspiration from the anatomical structure of dinosaurs. I also borrowed traits from a few existing animals to ground my dragon in reality.

What materials did you use to make this piece of art?

Like a lot of my artwork these days, this piece is completely digital. I love how natural Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro feels, and for coloring, I went with Photoshop.

How long did it take you to make this piece?

Sketching took me a couple of hours and coloring about 3 to 4 hours.



Step One:

ej su_dragon 1


Step Two:

ej su_dragon 2


Step Three:

ej su_dragon 3

Dragon Robot E.J. Su | EJ-Su


Learn how to draw more amazing dragons by checking out DragonWorld!




Profile of a Dragon Artist

deviantART name: EJ-Su


Hobbies: basketball, baseball, video games, drawing, watching, cartoons and daydreaming

Favorite dragon: Draco from DragonHeart





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