Fantasy Friday: Blizzcon 2014 News

Blizzard Entertainment hosts a massive convention every year called Blizzcon. Blizzcon 2014 happened last weekend and plenty of exciting stuff happened! Blizzcon 2014 had tournaments, amazing cosplay and new game announcements. Make sure to check out the costume, talent and fan art winners. They’re all really impressive. We even got casting announcements about the characters for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie! Will you root for the Alliance or the Horde?

warcraft-poster-alliance   warcraft-poster-horde


One thing from Blizzcon 2014 that has me really excited is the announcement of a new game. I know a lot of people will be excited about StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, but I’m really intrigued by Overwatch.

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The characters for this new game look really interesting and the game play looks fun! Some people got to test out the game at Blizzcon 2014 and it sounds like so far the reviews are positive. The trailer makes it look awesome. Check it out:

What kind of fantasy creatures would you encounter in a World of Warcraft game or the new Overwatch world? Check out Winged Fantasy by Brenda Lyons and The Explorer’s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures by Emily Fiegenschuh to learn how to draw dragons, gryphons and more!

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