Fantasy Friday: Detailed Fan-Made Lego Hobbit Figures

Are you looking forward to the last Hobbit movie? The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies comes out this december! One fan clearly loves The Hobbit so much that they made Lego Hobbit figures of each character. Pate-Keetongu has spent two years crafting the figures. The details are really well done. I love the Lego mini-figs, but I like that this fan made each figure out of a bunch of Lego pieces. The costumes are perfect. The Lego pieces were clearly chosen carefully to make the robes, the armor, the fur, the little buttons on jackets and more. Each figure is a great representation of the character.

supjrdkh2jrltsfwhj3d   gandalfbilbo1

balindwalinb   gloinb

bifurbofurbombur  doribnoribori


You can find the blog post about the Lego Hobbit build here as well as other Lego builds that Pate-Keetongu has done here.

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